Stayed up late last night with one of the refugees. We talk to start A-Z issues encountered and may be faced by our society, pasigala. I greatly respect on his analysis, sharp and futuristic. A prediction that might just be happening all around us, and if correct, then going on the verge of disaster Pasigala II 28/9/2018 post earthquake. He said that so far, the Government and people only focus on the fulfillment of the short and medium term needs. The logistics of it short term needs, basic food and clothing were also short term needs. Huntara was medium-term needs, as well as cooking utensils and supplay clean water. The Government was supposed to think of the long term needs of the refugees as people. , I asked, "so what exactly is komiu according to the long term needs of refugees? Whether that had given the Government and society were in vain? "he immediately responded:" No ..! not my intent to say so. We are very grateful with a variety of help that we have received, to the Government we thank you as well to all the volunteers and generous wherever they are who have participated. We are very grateful and we always pray to Almighty God that they received a generous reward and got change that doubled from God over what they already gave out charity ". My friend stopped talking, he looked down. "They are our heroes volunteer … so are those who have helped us. " He was speechless, discussions stalled a few seconds. He took the glass and drank coffee before further stories. Had he used to fuel existing Potenza disampingku cigarettes. "The evacuation of the community were divided into several groups," he said. "There is a refugee who lost his house or his House still exists but is no longer livable, but they don't lost his family and his job. There are also refugees who lost their homes and some family members, but he still has the garden and fields to dikerja. There is also a homeless refugee, also lost his family and sodara-sodaranya plus lost his job, also lost his farm and gardens. And the number of refugees of the third lot, hundreds if not thousands of people. Something that I feared that later, hopefully not happen, is the emergence of chaos in society ". "Wait, that is to say social unrest or social conflicts?" I cut the talk that friend. In my heart, these refugees seem very educated, he used the language of chaos in the explanation, a term that is not grounded. "what makes komiu talk like that?" lanjutku. "Not only is unrest and social conflict, chaos is more on social discomfort due to insecurity in the environment, caused not met the basic needs of the community. I don't speak any, what I predict is based on an existing phenomenon. Refugees who have tanggunan in the bank, in leasing and other debt expenses, they could probably secure in 6 months post earthquake. The existence of a policy of suspension of payment issued by a bank and leasing provides a sense of security for at least 6 months for the refugees. But how with the seventh month onwards? The victims who still have jobs may be able to overcome it in spite of the fell. They still need a foraging, they need to rebuild the homes, they still need to pay the electricity, the needs of school children, and others, on the other hand he has to pay the mortgage bank. While they fell to just have a job, let alone the refugees who do not have a job? Try komiu think, where they will get the money to fullfill their needs while the garden does not exist, the fields had already been floated to liquefaction, the rice fields are already inundated land of sand and mud. They can just open a new land, but if the equipment is not available, what they want to slash that tree in the forest pake teeth? " Beh … instantly explode my laughter badengar de pe carita. "maybe we need to help woody woodpecker to cut down trees" sahutku coupled with the laughter of both of us. "that's …" he chimes in again to talk. "The Government's Reply is not responsive and not think of the long term needs of refugees, I am afraid chaos occurs in Pasigala. At this time, from the time before the quake, there have been many occurrences mugging, robbery, theft, spoliation. I think it is a small part of a group of people to meet their needs. I am sure they were actually the people bewildered that seeks to satisfy his needs instantly. Just imagine if the same situation that happened at komiu. That State also will happen to thousands of refugees if the Government doesn't move to open employment. Chaos always appears when people are confused, and the film stress due to his needs are not met. Try komiu think, I batanya komiu. What komiu do if children whine requested meal, while there is no money in hand? Sick children crying and whining while komiu no work? What about which will komiu do? The reply one day whining, maybe komiu can say ' wait son … ' nah kalo that happen every day? The human right to life is not Just a day? This is what I feared would be the cause of chaos "he stopped, staring deep into the mountains. I know it's blank stares. I paused, stared at the ground, listless glued every now and then my hand bakorek the Earth, trying to find a way out, perhaps there are L "parents could possibly be patient with the condition of hunger, but what about the children?" she continued. "and this is indeed a tough task, it takes a lot of parties involved. Rich people in Palu was time contemplating the fate of his brothers in exile, not only about the logistics but also about their work. To this moment, there should be no parties who seek personal gain, rich people never think of ways to increase his wealth, officials don't just think of the position and his career, because sure enough, kalo later happen chaos lost all later dorang pe wealth, career, that post. Lost all their possessions later, and that's the disaster II that I predicted that. " "Wow … very well also that" I can only nodding in agreement. I'm speechless, trying to analyze every word spoken friend. Any discussion stalled, I see she pigi into the bushes behind the hood, it looks like she's peeing. And my mind is still spinning, dreamy crawl space, trying to find an idea make solving problems that will come up that will be faced by the refugees. In kebingunanku it, I made this article. Wish there were parties who are willing to help resolve the problem of refugees.     Petobo, November 30, 2018  

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