Camp Loli

Today is the third time a visit to refugee camps Loli. Activity in exile looks like usual. Little kids running around there, yelling and playing with her girlfriends, mothers are busy cleaning up the tent, some mothers seem being engrossed stroking elus pan, occasionally rubbing her wajannya to the ground. well … they were cleaning the cooking. Most of the refugees in Loli've got cooking tools. Pot, pans, plates, spoons, glasses and pots they already get. It's just that the stove has not been obtained by some of them. In other parts of a shelter, the men were seen swarming a pole. While occasionally joked, I see they pillar lifting of it. It turns out that the electric pole lights on it.

Hanging out in Exile

Stayed up late last night with one of the refugees. We talk to start A-Z issues encountered and may be faced by our society, pasigala. I greatly respect on his analysis, sharp and futuristic. A prediction that might just be happening all around us, and if correct, then going on the verge of disaster Pasigala II 28/9/2018 post earthquake. He said that so far, the Government and people only focus on the fulfillment of the short and medium term needs. The logistics of it short term needs, basic food and clothing were also short term needs. Huntara was medium-term needs, as well as cooking utensils and supplay clean water. The Government was supposed to think of the long term needs of the refugees as people. [metaslider id = "2 (more…)

The village proud, SR 7.4 earthquake in Palu

The village is proud of is one of the village in the Regency of Sigi. 7.4 earthquake shaking SR. Hammer on September 28, 2018, giving the side effects on the village proud. Not only do they feel the fierce earthquake, but also other disasters are no less magnitude than the earthquake. The village is proud of being washed away and the submerged sand material containing mud, soil and water. This community already mud comes from some mountains that are experiencing soil erosion and changes in soil structure due to the earthquake. 7.4 earthquake cracked the mountainous land that sr so mountain took out the water mixed with the sand material. The flow of water that comes from the pegununungan brings with it a variety of material that was spent as the trees and the ground. As a result, hundreds of Proud residents can't occupy their homes flooded because the mud sand. They live in tents shelter in higher altitudes to avoid the flow of water that still flows in the village proud. The mud water soaking the various materials that exist on the ground, including clothing, food and community. (more…)