Refugee Camps Loli

A few days ago a small Earth Science Scholar team went to the village of Lolicon to channel aid. The assistance is a result of raising from donors in various places. The aid has been distributed in the form of decent clothes to wear, basic food and cash. Our small team was greeted with glee by the citizens shelter in the village of Loli. Although the amount of assistance is insufficient for all the refugees, but the distribution of the aid can be implemented well and without fuss. Loli village is one of the regions severely affected the Donggala Regency after September 28, 2018. The earthquake which struck with Hammers 7.4 scales led to devastating tsunami waves that ravaged the village of Lolicon and surrounding areas. 95% of the houses, the ground was devastated by the tsunami. only the mosque and three houses next to the mosque survived the raging tsunami, the rest run out dragged down the waves. (more…)

Palu, My Beloved City

After a few weeks in the field of disaster, there is little time to post activities. Disaster at Palu, Sigi and Donggala actually leaving a lot of the story. The diverse stories of melancholy and sadness graced the faces of the victims of the disaster. Really, no force able to resist God’s destiny. We are grateful to be given salvation by God Almighty, and the survivors are also grateful. Although the loss of life and property in many suffered by the people of Pasigala (Palu, Sigi and Donggala), but life must be continued. Then with all the remaining power, we seek to gather a force to assist our brethren of earthquake victims. Hopefully what we’ve done post disaster, although a little, giving benefits to the victims. We all hope that Pasigala can immediately rise up and recover. Finally, let’s help each other and help each other. The slightest we give, it would be helpful and useful for the victims.

  • Perumahan Balaroa yang porak poranda akibat gempa dan likuifaksi

Pasigalaku, come on rise up!

Disaster in the Palu city leaves millions of colourful stories. Really, a real learning, given by God to us all. And I testify that there is no lesson more valuable than lessons given directly by God to us. Un-ordinary lessons about humanity and lessons about how to be human. Location of sporadic catastrophes, occurred in the massif in the short period of ingesting thousands of casualties selected calculation based on God and not capable of reached by the sophistication of the human brain today. A question that often comes up, what exactly is the meaning of God in all this? Why the disaster happened unevenly? Why should I’m the victim, while another personis not affected? And many other questions as a form of protest. Most people accept the reality gracefully, some were looking for a scapegoat because the origin of the occurrence of the disaster. And I guess it’s natural disaster conditions, because everyone needs a sense of safety and tranquility. There are some people who feel calm comforted with the words good/positive, but there are also some people who feel calm after her swearing, cussing or blaming others. Everyone is wrong but me, it is a form of self defense is most effective in psychoanalysis. (more…)