Learn the history of the land of Kaili (bag. I)

Today’s quote, “we will not be able to understand who we are if we didn’t know from where the origin of the US”.

Human history arose from early human development. Its rotates along with the rotation of the human life. The pas is forerunner of the current life. Understanding about our life today without understanding our history just like a blind man trying to understand a statue. He could feel every curve of my posture and contour of the sculpture, but he will not be able to understand the reason of each contour curve of the statue have been made. Understand the history becomes important because we can know the reason of events, maybe even the future. (more…)

Quantum Teaching

Discuss¬†about the education around us is really¬†exciting. Many variables which relates closely with education. Call it as factors that affect the educational process. Many things can be included as factors that affect education, such as: family environment, society, economy, culture, sophistication of technology, religion and other such. Also a motivation factors, school factors, educators and educational, teaching styles and methods, evaluation, and etc. Those factors accumulated in two major categories, namely as internal factors and external factors. In addition, it can also be grouped into two factors, physical and nonphysical. The two major factors greatly affect success in the learning process. (more…)