Palu, My Beloved City

After a few weeks in the field of disaster, there is little time to post activities. Disaster at Palu, Sigi and Donggala actually leaving a lot of the story. The diverse stories of melancholy and sadness graced the faces of the victims of the disaster. Really, no force able to resist God’s destiny. We are grateful to be given salvation by God Almighty, and the survivors are also grateful. Although the loss of life and property in many suffered by the people of Pasigala (Palu, Sigi and Donggala), but life must be continued. Then with all the remaining power, we seek to gather a force to assist our brethren of earthquake victims. Hopefully what we’ve done post disaster, although a little, giving benefits to the victims. We all hope that Pasigala can immediately rise up and recover. Finally, let’s help each other and help each other. The slightest we give, it would be helpful and useful for the victims.

  • Perumahan Balaroa yang porak poranda akibat gempa dan likuifaksi

Learn the history of the land of Kaili (bag. I)

Today’s quote, “we will not be able to understand who we are if we didn’t know from where the origin of the US”.

Human history arose from early human development. Its rotates along with the rotation of the human life. The pas is forerunner of the current life. Understanding about our life today without understanding our history just like a blind man trying to understand a statue. He could feel every curve of my posture and contour of the sculpture, but he will not be able to understand the reason of each contour curve of the statue have been made. Understand the history becomes important because we can know the reason of events, maybe even the future. (more…)

Quantum Teaching

Discuss¬†about the education around us is really¬†exciting. Many variables which relates closely with education. Call it as factors that affect the educational process. Many things can be included as factors that affect education, such as: family environment, society, economy, culture, sophistication of technology, religion and other such. Also a motivation factors, school factors, educators and educational, teaching styles and methods, evaluation, and etc. Those factors accumulated in two major categories, namely as internal factors and external factors. In addition, it can also be grouped into two factors, physical and nonphysical. The two major factors greatly affect success in the learning process. (more…)


Today, according to the schedule, should I make posts about education. Wanted careful typing, but these thoughts did not want to be invited to a compromise for a moment following the dancing fingers. The result, what I type this with fingers are dancing with no lyrical mind intact. Then if there is a shortage, it’s because the author himself, not on behalf of Earth Science Scholar.

In fact there are that make these thoughts raged, no serious problems actually, Just this brain from last terputar-putar on one word. “tawadhu ‘”. A word that has been defined as the degree of compliance of a person to another person, it could be to older people, can also to parents, can also to peers that have excess or it could be to the teacher. On the other hand, tawadhu ‘ is often also defined as the totality of a person’ (more…)

Education in the city of Palu

The Palu city has many pearls of educators who have been fighting to free a society is central Sulawesi from Illiteracy, both Al Quran as well as latin. Proponents of such education spread education through various means such as Da’wah, halaqah, pesantren and madrasah. Special education through the dissemination of the madrasa, the famous a character education in the hammer named Sayyid Idrus bin Salim AlJufrie, or famous as an OLD TEACHER. He was one of the scholars Hadramai who spread education since 1930 through the madrasa AlKhairaat. The old teacher is the founder of Islamic education workers in Central Sulawesi.