Disaster in the Palu city leaves millions of colourful stories. Really, a real learning, given by God to us all. And I testify that there is no lesson more valuable than lessons given directly by God to us. Un-ordinary lessons about humanity and lessons about how to be human. Location of sporadic catastrophes, occurred in the massif in the short period of ingesting thousands of casualties selected calculation based on God and not capable of reached by the sophistication of the human brain today. A question that often comes up, what exactly is the meaning of God in all this? Why the disaster happened unevenly? Why should I’m the victim, while another personis not affected? And many other questions as a form of protest. Most people accept the reality gracefully, some were looking for a scapegoat because the origin of the occurrence of the disaster. And I guess it’s natural disaster conditions, because everyone needs a sense of safety and tranquility. There are some people who feel calm comforted with the words good/positive, but there are also some people who feel calm after her swearing, cussing or blaming others. Everyone is wrong but me, it is a form of self defense is most effective in psychoanalysis. Post earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction, the peoples still feel how disasters still afflicting them. The distribution of aid is uneven, the difficulty of getting people due to lack of money (where they want to work if the workplace also ravaged), hoarding help by unscrupulous officials. Several times I came up in a shelter to give assistance, and always I get the same story. “actually there is help, just not up to us. How many times I see the help entry to the neighborhood/village, but when we asked their village officials say the aid is up, it’s no help “. This story was originally I think comes as the public apathy to the ruler, but my next trip provides an understanding that apparently it does actually happen, a similar stories emerging from various places different, suffice it for me to meyakininya as the story indeed. This phenomenon is the second disaster, post big (bang) disaster that occurred on 28 september. Whether a disaster pasigala (hammer-sigi-donggala) stops until there? Yet. Post two such disasters, appears again a new disaster. I refer to this as self actualization or over-selfie overdose. I discovered a new phenomenon at the time of a visit to Balaroa, in Petobo, at some point the Oge Jono and other worst disaster, many visitors come to capture debris pangs with stylized narcissist, laughing out loud, talking banter, there is also a narcissist even while playing around (memain-mainkan) ruins of building debris and cracks in the Earth. Most visitors are avid narcissist sort of plasticity with suffering. They seemed to forget that under the ruins of the land where they are narcissistic, but thousands of corpses that they may need a helping of our prayers. They forget that they’re laughing along with his brothers who are bemoaning the pangs of lost possessions and relatives. And surprisingly, self actualization of this over-spread across the country. Publication spree diekspose disaster, various discussion forums appears in every conversation as if it wanted to show the existence of the self through a long discussion that they themselves may not feel the pain of the sway of the earthquake, the tsunami and liquefaction. There is a kind of satisfaction and pleasure derived from next, Emerging a phenomenon again which I think is going to be a new disaster. I call it mass empathy deadness, the demise of social empathy. This phenomenon is really interesting, because it occurs in the area of disasters. In some of my travel channel help, a lot of times I found the existence of the luxury cars that recently purchased. I knew it from the color of license plates of cars that are still white, and the condition of the car is still very shiny which amplifies my assumption that the car was purchased in post disaster. In other places, please you balaroa streets to the South, there is a workshop of polishing a car antriannya length similar to the queue of cars at a gas station. I assume that those who buy cars or polishing the car certainly has advantages much good fortune, it could also say they’re done with the primary form of fulfillment of Staples, housing and health. Because in conditions like today, people would think ten times when want to buy materials that are not the primary needs. On the other hand, there are still many refugees who need help. We should consider the needs of displaced people already would be sure (although many also found refugees who are still in need of basic food), but the need for shelter, the need for clean water, health needs, the needs of the PUBLIC, the needs of worship, needs fuel, and other necessities. If only, they are the elite that want to prioritize giving assistance to the victims than to buy a new car, I am sure the hammer faster recover. If only, those reading this paper is moved and want to prioritize giving assistance to victims, I am sure the hammer will soon rise. Hammer Hammer-Society Rose SIgi-Donggala are working hard to rise from slump after. This thing we can see from the large number of offices are already open, the number of schools which are already operating, and some shops have also been selling staples and building needs. We all hope we wish resurrection resurrection is not a pseudo Pasigala. The existence of some persons who raise prices of staple goods and buildings, the presence of the person who hoarded relief and does not transmit to one more entitled, the existence of a group of people who try to exploit the situation through politics, the most community who prefer luxury yourself rather than help their fellow, the presence of some people who die because of empatinya selfie overdose, is a social disease that we are all responsible for memberantasnya. Pasigala can only rise if we all unite and care about the suffering of the people. Do not ask what the Government has done to help the people, sulteng hadn’t asked what the State was doing to alleviate the burden of the community Pasigala, no need to ask what has been done by government agencies or private to help disaster victims. Suffice it asked, what I’ve done for them?   #SavePalu #PaluBangkit

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