Once there was a country ruled by a King who famously discerning and wise. The King has a very pet he liked, a cat and a squirrel. The Kings had a pair of children, men and women, which he cared about deeply. As evidence of a sense of shame and indifferent, he always uses her spare time to play with his children, including with cats and tupainya. A when the King, accompanied by several bodyguards, a walk around town. By using the batik, disguised as a commoner. So do sixth his guards, some dressed in batik and the rest overlook the t-shirt. Not seem the slightest signs of royalty in them. And, any running. The first village passed the King. In the village he found a simple House, which may not attract attention. Bamboo-walled houses and thatched-roofed, with a little page on the side and front of the House, is the ideal form of settlement residents at the time, who always found lining the side streets of the village. However there is an interesting King, so he stopped for a moment to observe and analyze. The House is surrounded by a lot of cats with various age levels. Some adult cats, males and females. A few more are still small, and seen one – two kittens that are off sucking. Looks also some female cats teens who are ready to reproduce. Another thing that also attracted the attention of the King, there is no climate of competition, let alone a black campaign, among other cats. A phenomenon that generates the hypothesis that the employer has given the adequacy on them (the cat), so it is no longer needed by the raw strength to each other. As a test of the validity of the hypothesis, the King chose one of the neighbor's House by using purposive random sampling techniques. The King is concerned the validity and kevalidan of data, then it was the neighbor across the street, right in front of the location. With the capital in active and effective communication, plus a gesture her retort, King can be directly familiar with one of the residents, which turned out to be named Amin. He asked about the right cat inhabited houses opposite the House of Mr. Amin. And, the search for such data to produce a thesis that the host always give ' adequacy ' to cat-cat. The King ever said to one of his bodyguards "Ente bring one bag of gold, and then the same kasihkan ente residents." The word of the King. "I don't want to know however how, this important pockets of gold should be sampe into the hands of the host. Kalo he wasn't home, then had to wait till she ente came, and the ente shall not go home before giving these bags to the owner ". Connect The King. "Good, Boss." His Royal responsibilities. King smiled with answers his bodyguards. Indeed before departing, the Raja had agreed with his bodyguards not to call him as King, he worried would affect the independence of the data. The term King interverensi will generate only the data, caused by the emotional element in the data source. (we just enough as a reader who knows that her reply King. In addition to his bodyguards, all actors in this story do not know reply which are the streets it was their King). After farewell to Mr. Amin, the King left the village accompanied by five bodyguards. Some time later, they came to the King at a village located on the outskirts of the forest. Observations overview pre observation generate a description that the village was inhabited by farmers. The majority of the villagers made their living as farmers. Looks some people were drying paddy in the Court House, the mother and the girl were engrossed tussle while mashing the grain of rice, vegetable soup that is bound and hung on the front corner of each House, and a few houses have a cow or buffalo, complete with a pem-plow the rice field which was hung on the side of the cage. Indeed, a hallmark of a village farmer. In fact the King did not want to stop in the village, but there are things that tickle the nuraninya so layover forced him to satisfy her curiousity. In one of the homes that he skip, there are plenty of birdcages hung on the porch of the House. Uniquely, not birds that inhabit the cage, but the squirrels. One bird cage inhabited more than two squirrels. It is estimated there are more than 20 squirrels became a resident of the cage. Long story short, of some of the data obtained, obtained a conclusion that the occupants of the House have a tendency like toying and exploit the squirrel. Often neighbors view it also kill squirrels. The King was furious, then she ordered four other guards to arrest such person and take him to jail. The conclusion is simple, that the King gave gifts to people who are nice to the cats because of the King also liked cats. He gave the award to him, as he has been doing well on cats, not because of his actions or his loyalties in the Kingdom or reign. Vice versa, since the King loved the squirrel, he gives punishment (punishment) to those who exploit and harm squirrels, not because he had done to the Kingdom of rebellion or treason.   The story above is indeed a fictional existence, but there are some things we can make lessons, that sometimes God gives us rizki not because he's seeing ourselves, or our obedience and worship. It could be that God gives to us because rizki our children, or the people around us, or even because of our pets. So did the opposite. When we fall or rise in career and status, sometimes it could be also not because of our loyalty. It could be because our friends or colleagues, depending on the type of the relationship is maintained. The most important moral message, do well to all his creatures, because we do not know from where paths and through what God gives rizki told us. Vice versa, do not like to make other beings (humans, animals, plants) are difficult and sad, let alone hurt, because we also do not know what is the reason the Lord downgrade azabnya to us.   We never know what God's mean, we can only guess. Keep eyes open, and careful.

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