Children are not mini-adults in size. They keep the child, with all its flaws and its limitations. – John Amos Comenius.

Whether your child is Autistic? I'm sure your reflexes will say ' no '. Everyone definitely does not want his son called autism. Why? Because the term autistic is always dikonotasikan with mental retardation, physical ability and linguistic constraints in responding to a variety of stimulus from outside yourself. Clear picture we can see on the Bruce Willis entitled ' Mercury Rising '. In the movie Bruce Willis saved a child who suffers from autism, and try to adapt to it. Do autistic children like that? The answer is ' yes ', but not all autistic children is the same as depicted in the movie Mercury Rising.

The term autism comes from the word autos (Greece) meaning self or self. People with autism tend to enjoy himself. They always perform auto-imagination, auto-auto-activity, interest, and etc. Auto in this term refers to the self, not automatic. It is not wrong if anyone assumes that autistic people are those who have a world of its own, the fun activities with their own thoughts and feelings, without associating interested or attracted to another individual. They have a world within the world.

I've always wondered, is the tendency of a child who always wanted to be alone can be said as the symptoms of autism? Whether children who prefer playing games on laptop or computer than hanging out with your peers as well including the autistic? Whether children who prefer playing the same blather than HP'S parents, grandmother or aunt is also included in the category of autism?

It turns out that autism has a wide spectrum. In the language of the book, including autistic spectrum such as asperger's syndrome, ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder), or symptoms of other mental retardation. Broadly speaking, the autistic child's limited ability in covering the areas of socialization, communication, and repetitive behaviors, emosionalitas disorders of perception. And, the symptoms of autism usually appear and can be seen clearly at the ages of 18 – 36 months. Normally, children with autism are experiencing developmental delay in some ways.

Then, what about the children who have their own world by playing a laptop, HP, tablet or other toys? Of course we can't directly say it as an autistic sufferer without supported by other characteristics, such as: the child is angry when there is a friend who approached or would like to join; He chose the run to the place deserted, then play alone and ignore his friend; He is mengomel-ngomel (with the word repeated), grumbling with strange languages, or in some cases he banging her as the overflow of pique; and the autistic child usually always maintain one's interest, for example, kalo children like to play red car, it will only play the car was ongoing and would not replace toys or other cars. (and many other definitions, as set forth by the American Psychiatric Assosiasion).

Boon or a disaster?

A child, with different strengths and weaknesses, is a gift from the Almighty. We must be sure that what the Lord gave to us is the best for us. Autism is not a big problem, because autism is treatable. With proper handling is done early on, autism can be treated. I was intrigued by the phrase Rhenald Kasali, that "in every human being there is always a big elephant with man as a rider. Elephant and rider is in the soul of every human being. The riders it is conscious, the control that we have. While the elephant that is the motor free motion that occurs naturally, and for man's childhood will feel heavy to control it. For autistic children, elephants were so big and wild, while the rider is too small and not very experienced. As for the other kids, gajahnya so small and docile so easily controlled. If nurtured since childhood, the elephants that become adults who are obedient. But what if you bequeathed elephant which was taken from its Habitat and it's been great? You still get overwhelmed. Sweating, meletihkan, and oftentimes despair ".

Then, before the autism was becoming increasingly acute, and it becomes an increasingly difficult big elephants are controlled, there is no harm if we detect fruit our hearts early on. Early detection will allow us do treatmen early anyway. To add info about autism, I guess there is no harm if reading a book by kak Seto titled Autism is Treatable; 3 Weeks leading to the success of the therapy. Instead I promotion, but its content is quite informative. At least we can detect the State of our daughter's son early on. This book is not too thick, just 184 pages. The language used, in my opinion, it is very straightforward and simple, so that the reader can just a sitting melahapnya.  A book suited to accompany time we get some coffee. J

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