The study of Sufism were indeed exciting. There is logic-logic that leads to sobriety. Many idealitas, especially religion, was found inside. And, the most important benefit is the recharge or refresh the brain. Appears an epiphany, that there's another world inside. There is a corner and the other side that is often overlooked, i.e. the side ilahiyah in the form of the sweetness of the interaction with God.

Ilahiyah aspects of abandonment cause aridity. In the case of acute, causing the ice or the death of the heart. The direct effect which can be felt is the absence of heart in every step and action. The liver, as a place of divine nur, unable to accompany each motion and step. Consequently, instead of as self control, internal enemies sometimes hearts. He became a scourge that must be turned off when dealing with logic makes sense. Careful consideration was considered something irrational. Have you ever been in a place or condition, simultaneously also your heart and mind? You're chatting with friends, do your heart and mind also interact with those friends? The answers to these two questions can be a standard assessment of the person's heart sejauhmana aridity. Why, what to do? Try now you change the question, have you communicated with God with your heart and mind?

Aridity of the liver is a side effect of an error in understanding earthly life. Small world is often thronged with different desires and dreams. Often the desire the frills with the name needs, so common sense will immediately approve it. It is also often labelled ' urgent needs ', so common sense will be looking for a shortcut to immediately comply. Finally, people are busy thinking of his desire. People are busy thinking of his needs on its own. "Why should be giving to others, while our own still need it". The term became popular, and many people have made it as a view of life. Really, a concept that is very contrary to the values of Sufism. Isn't treasure we will be growing if disedekahkan? Isn't it God will be an internal affair if we facilitate the Affairs of others?

Until here, I am reminded of the song Iwan Fals, ' Desire is the source of suffering '. I don't know what the background song Iwan Fals creates. Whether he is a sufi? Or whether he was already on a maqam salik? ' Desire is the source of suffering. His place in the mind … ' so partial song Iwan Fals, and seem to have a point. Diverse desires we always memenuhsesakkan the mind. A climax, the more the desire not done than it already fulfilled. Hope doesn't match reality. He said bule, das das sein solen and never found. Then came the various problems. Many people feel the world is narrow because his brain is filled with problems stemming from the desire which is not fulfilled. The logic is always forced to look for a way to satisfy the desire of power, when owned is not enough. Often someone wants an item with a price money, whereas only 10rb 5rb. With a variety of arguments (the goods better, not make embarrassed, unsightly, brought authority and hockey, unique and rare, opportunity only once, and others), eventually forcing the physical brain looking for lack of money. Despite having to work overtime, reducing the time with the children, spouses and families, reducing interaction with neighbors and friends (especially the interaction with God), the hard work of banting bones, and the ruling will be made. LHA, that one wishes to reply. Kalo we have ten wishes? Certainly tenfold also slam his bones (Fortunately we're not the artificial bone Maspion, reply would have been broken from the first).

Liver disease is the aridity of the people. The abundance of the mind makes some people lose direction and purpose in life. This life is just a routine. The sequence of activities that must be lived every day repeatedly. Life becomes devoid of meaning. Humans become like robots, which must run the program routine in his life. Human beings become automatons, said Fromm. Wake up in the morning, the preparation to the Office, carrying out routine work, night work, rest home. Humans become a robot, to meet his own. Thus, when we interact with the other hand we are? When we chatted with our soul? When do we nourish our hearts and souls? The old heart not fed, of course, will weaken its power. He will not be able to become controller of reason and appetite.

The fruit of the power of logic in addition to the aridity of the liver is materialism. Emerging new standards in lifestyle. Assessment of success and only success based on sheer material. The greater the material obtained, the person is said to be a success. Success must be something that looked, because the logic is only able to digest something real. The human race eventually collect and store as many materials. And, with the use of mathematical propositions, they interpret this life. That 1 + 1 = 2, and 2-1 = 1 is a truth that is valid not just on Science of exact sciences, but also applies in this life. It is no wonder if basic human motivation in the work only to add and add the material only. No is for sharing or giving charity, because the gifts within the same math by reducing. And, if someone is diligent in giving charity then the material will be on the wane. Really, a wrong method in understanding life. Because life is not constant, it is not a science of exact sciences, then any ukurnya tool should not use exact sciences.

Sufism provides alternative in understanding life. That man should be thanks to what he has had. Thankful doesn't mean resigned and accepted for what it is. Grateful is one of the stages that must be passed in every level of enjoyment. Like climbing the stairs, when we stop for a moment before boarding the next flight of stairs, there lying of gratitude. Enjoy each flight of stairs. That we live indeed must have ideals, but it should be remembered that in order to achieve these goals must go through step by step. If we understand every step, thanks to every child and living up to the stairs, then we are not going to be reckless and we will become strong. Not us-controlled ideals or material, but we who control them self. Thankful also interpreted by sharing. Share with others, and share with nature. Share the sense of the word, and treasure. (to be continued)

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