Internet world are familiar around us. We facilitated in various ways. The Internet currently utilized not only as a media development of science, but also commercial media, promotion, communication, cultural development, propagation and more. The Internet is becoming a necessity, which approached the subject matter, at this point. The success of the internet usage in accordance with the determined by the existence of a website/site/web. The website serves as a spokesperson for someone in conveying aspirasinya or channel his desire in the virtual world. A good website will attract many readers, who in the end mission or purpose desired by the owner of the website can be read by the reader. The website is keyword success communication in cyberspace. The IT team Earth Scholar is ready to assist you in creating and managing a website. With the help of experienced personnel, your website will become famous and read by hundreds and even thousands of netizen. "Website is it served?" We serve private website creation, website, websites, website sale, website of the village, the school website, website of campus, Government websites, website of da'wah, santri website, and other types of websites. Get the ease of managing your website. "What is gained if we create a website on Earth Science Scholar? There are several advantages if you use the services of BCI, including: 1. 1 year warranty make your website. If your website was attacked by hackers, we will improve the website free of charge during the warranty period. 2. The process is quick and easy. Your website will be active 2×24 the maximum hours (except for the school website, the campus and the Government because it must be verified first completeness requirement). You simply provide us with the data files, and we'll manage it quickly and efficiently. 3. Quota Unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Bandwidth and storage of an unlimited guarantee you to store files uploaded as free-free and profuse. We do not limit the storage space of your website so that it can create according to your needs and desires. 4. Affordable and not tear the bag. With the facilities we offer, BCI does not impose high costs to the webmaster and the Manager. 5. Support 24 hours. If you are experiencing difficulty in managing the website, BCI will be ready to support and help you. We open our communication space for 24 hours via phone, wa and fuel. 6. Web admin training. After the creation of the website completed, BCI will provide brief training related management and management of the website to you. Training can also be done online through the internet as well as telecommunications.

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