Someone will quickly develop if he often muhasabah. Another term of the word it is evaluation. Maximum results in the evaluation of obtained from the analysis of the data is valid, accurate, and objective as possible regardless of the element of dishonesty. To achieve the degree, then needed a research. Results of the study will approach the whole picture a reality if using the methods, techniques, and taking the proper sampling. And, no less important, needs to be formulated so that the research objectives are created in the framework of the theory that leads a researcher achieved the desired results.

Research is not something incriminating, especially if only aims to develop potential. Not necessary a special formula to measure the validity and reliablitias of data. That is needed is just the honesty of heart in analyzing themselves. Honesty not to be known to many people, I think it is also not too heavy, because no mental burden to be borne. Just need a little courage myself only. The courage to reveal the "oo .. It turns out this way to me..?? the courage to acknowledge the level of self. It's not about anything. This is only a problem of the maqam. Already up to where we maqam?

An educator, who daily interact with students in learning, have a great opportunity to develop themselves. He has a greater chance to become a whole person, kamil insan. Like a researcher, educator is a scientist who every day are in the laboratory. He always interact with research material, such as students, the curriculum, the room, the learning environment, local and national policy, and society in General. However, the laboratory Material so complete they will be in vain if researchers do not do action. Especially when entering the lab only tmengecek materials/materials through sheet checklist in the form of attendance.

Checklist is important. Lack of it, and the excess material can be known in detail. This is where the importance of the learning objectives. He became a docent and signposts, about the condition of the raw materials, about the characteristics of the material. He was also a parser, such material is needed and not. Him, will appear for data manipulation realigned with the purpose of learning. Determination of learning objectives need sharp and thoroughness.

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