Discuss about the education around us is really exciting. Many variables which relates closely with education. Call it as factors that affect the educational process. Many things can be included as factors that affect education, such as: family environment, society, economy, culture, sophistication of technology, religion and other such. Also a motivation factors, school factors, educators and educational, teaching styles and methods, evaluation, and etc. Those factors accumulated in two major categories, namely as internal factors and external factors. In addition, it can also be grouped into two factors, physical and nonphysical. The two major factors greatly affect success in the learning process.

This time, I will try to discuss about the teaching factor as one variable supporting the  learning success. More specifically, this time Iam trying to discuss about the teaching model of Quantum Teaching.

We have heard the term quantum learning. It is a concept of learning that give motivation to students through the process of ‘ experience ‘. A very popular term in quantum learning is TANDUR (behaving, experience, named, Demonstrated, repeat, and Celebrate). Quantum learning learning paradigm change old method of teaching as teacher centered, become student centered. More than that, Quantum Teaching makes nature environment as medium of instruction in the process of learning. This aimed to make students feel that learning is something fun. Of course the concept will not be applied if it is not applied by a qualified teacher. Understanding about quantum teaching will easier if we know about quantum learning. The last explain about how to set up a learning that is fun and enjoyable, in order learning objectives can be achieved.

I am going to start a discussion about quantum teaching basically, i.e. “Bring their world into our world, and drive our world into their world”. Quantum teaching is learning model puts the experience of students. The subject matter is not delivered in flat and straight-straight course through lectures, but more than that, it’s learning material has to be perceived and experienced by students. So the ultimate goal of learning not only to ripen the intellectual ability of students, but also improve the experience and skill of students.

A teacher must understand the world of students. By understanding the world students, teachers will be able to “bring their world” into the world teacher. Why should go into the world of teachers? Such questions may appear. We know that teachers and students have the mindset (World) and different viewpoints. These differences arise because of many factors, including the factors of age and experience. Not infrequently a teacher felt the difficulty of understanding the students due to the difference in point of view. By him, in quantum teaching, teachers must be able to bring the world the students into his world, so he felt, seeing and experiencing what felt, seen and experienced students.

Teaching was an art. He has a clear patterns and rhythms. But the artists hands touch each other generate contours and rhythms. Like a guitar that used to accompany his bang Kemesraan song Iwan Fals, though the tone of the song, and the temple was clear, but the resulting iramayang will be different between the original pick guitar with guitar artist. You can certainly imagine myself, I’d rather not tell here (Hehehe …). A teacher, he is also so an artist education. Teachers should not just pick the guitar, teaching or teaching a desultory, arguing that important materials are carried or that matters have entered teaching, and etc. Teachers are subject to a menahkodai ship, learning learning in order to reach the destination safely. The original teachers teach poor students will generate knowledge and experience.

Back to Quantum Teaching. After the process of understanding the world of students, teachers and then manipulate the subject matter and give it to students in accordance with their world. This is what is meant by “delivering our world into their world”. The process of “dropping off” using a variety of means embodied in methods, techniques and styles of teaching teachers. Methods, techniques and styles of teaching should be varied, it is useful to maintain the stability of motivation and a conducive atmosphere of the class. There is one interesting thing about the principle of quantum teaching, that “everything is talking”.

In some books about QT (QuantumTeaching), ‘ everything talk ‘ mean that all that is in the class can be used to convey the instruction. Classroom environment, atmosphere and class conditions and infrastructure, teacher (along with methods, techniques and styles of teaching), students and other things in the classroom can convey the message of learning. Even hand gestures and facial face a teacher can also convey a message of learning. From here, a teacher should not dominate the learning by means of dominating classes. Teachers should provide opportunities to students for expressing thoughts and understanding. Everything that happens in the classroom gives the impression which is different in students, which in turn can affect the spirit of student learning. By him, the teacher should be careful in determining attitudes, methods, techniques and styles of teaching. The slightest made by a teacher in class, will be recorded properly in the minds of students.

The core of this writing is about how one should understand others before delivering a message, so the message is tersebu acceptable and well understood. Associated with quantum teaching, teachers must understand the world students in a learning atmosphere is created so that a conducive learning, capable of enhancing the spirit of learning, so that students learning objectives can be achieved with either.

There is an interesting book to read, about quantum teaching, entitled Quantum Teaching; Book Smart and practical. I recommend this book for light reading to add quantum vocabulary, but I don’t recommend it as a reference research because one deficiency of the book, i.e. There are no footnotes. God willing I will sempatkan resensinya pisses on the writings of article selanjutya.

Good work and good work. Be a reliable artist.

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