Today, according to the schedule, should I make posts about education. Wanted careful typing, but these thoughts did not want to be invited to a compromise for a moment following the dancing fingers. The result, what I type this with fingers are dancing with no lyrical mind intact. Then if there is a shortage, it’s because the author himself, not on behalf of Earth Science Scholar.

In fact there are that make these thoughts raged, no serious problems actually, Just this brain from last terputar-putar on one word. “tawadhu ‘”. A word that has been defined as the degree of compliance of a person to another person, it could be to older people, can also to parents, can also to peers that have excess or it could be to the teacher. On the other hand, tawadhu ‘ is often also defined as the totality of a person’s compliance, a totality without limits that is not seldom critical power off and the creativity of a person. Is there actually such a tawadhu ‘?

Tawadhu ‘ is part of Nietzsche. Tawadhu ‘ is the recommended good attitude/Prophet. In a history, the Prophet ever held by a woman who less sane (stress) on the street, the woman says “o Prophet, I have needs you, what can I talk”. The Prophet then stopped and pulled over, and give the women of time speaking to convey meaning. On the other, the history of Prophet ever walking with hands that are towed by a slave in Medina. Slaves were invited the Prophet to accompany her grind, and prophets were off him. And in a Hadith of the Prophet said, “Allah SWT lowers revelation to me in order for you guys to be inferior to none of downgrading his brother, or apply rude/wrong each other”. HR. Muslim

Tawadhu ‘ in English-Arabic translated as “avoid takabbur”.  Tawadhu ‘, basically defined as humble, not prestige, do not feel ashamed in the presence of humans. Tawadhu ‘ is also used to describe an honour or award it to someone. However, I have not memukan in the Hadith as well as in the understanding of scholars ‘ tawadhu ‘ means that compliance, much less the total compliance to someone. Tawadhu definition of ‘ total compliance as to other humans probably dates back from honour. Excessive reverence in others that eventually gave birth to excessive compliance and reduce krtitis attitudes and creativity of a person. At this stage, if the tawadhu ‘ continues to be done, then it will generate a total compliance to someone. In many cases, often the case of a person who is afraid of doing something because it felt disinclined to someone, fear of wayward calculated and tawadhu ‘. In some cases, the person also didn’t want to move/do something because fear is wrong according to the person. Two such cases often occur in the pattern of teacher-student relationship, kyai-Naat and Murshid-salik. In such a relationship, someone who would do good not dare to continue his deeds if you haven’t yet got a blessing from master/kyainya, whereas the Qur’an Allah almighty clearly said that we compete in goodness “khairat fastabiqul”. We are commanded of God Almighty in order to hasten and compete in doing a kindness, charity and goodness here obviously refers to the practices that brought benefit to ourselves and others.

What I can conclude is that in this case the total compliance it only to God Almighty, to him that we surrender ourselves. Tawadhu ‘ honor and awards is a good deed, but if later impede a myself for doing good, then it is not a tawadhu ‘ but rather fear. And supposedly, the fear that is just if we’re going to do wrong, not when we’re going to do good. In closing, according to the word of God Almighty in Al Baqarah 148, let us compete in goodness, don’t get arrested if heart already want to do good, rest assured that the heart Whisperer told do well it comes from Allah., and hopefully we are spared from riya ‘, i.e. to avoid the sense of wanting to be considered ‘ well ‘ by someone or want to show off your charity to someone. Riya ‘ can also be interpreted as doing good deeds because people, not because of God.

Yes Muqallibal Qulub … Send “Tsabbit Qolbana ‘ wa ‘ ala dinika wa’fu ‘ anna

(o Dzat thumbing down hearts, Ordain (strengthen) our hearts to thee and thy Path, and forgive us all …)

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