Education is the right of every human being of his life. Education, by humans, used not only to improve the intellectual and emotional intelligence, but also as a means of regenerating the life of society. The society has a good education will be able to pass on the values embodied in the vision and mission of their social lives. A social system, handed down by the ancestors by education. Community with their educational patterns which are often simple, attempting to preserve the tradition, custom or system their life to their children, as a form of social regeneration. The problem of regeneration will appear if the process of education experience. As usual, education has always been associated with some of the things i.e.: teachers, students, facilities and infrastructure and curriculum. In addition some of these, there are also other constraints such as spirit/support from the elderly, geographical conditions (location of school is hard to reach), and support from the Government and society. Some of these aspects influenced the activities of the Foundation Earth Science Scholar to do mentoring in schools left behind. In this occasion, the Foundation Earth Science Scholar mentoring activities in the Marawola subdistrict of West SOI SDN Regency Sigi. Map of the journey was at an altitude of 2800 mdpl, Soi is a village sign in the category closed or isolated. A trip to the village traversed for approximately 3 hours from the city of Palu. Distance from the town of Palu approximately 70 KM, but the damaged road conditions lead to travel takes quite a long time. A trip to the village of Soi started from the t-junction P headed to the South to follow the line to paragliding and Matantimali tourist attractions. Arriving at Matantimali, you can take a break to prepare for the next trip. Matantimali tourism, trip continues southward with the condition of the road uphill. You don't have to worry about getting lost because only one road. Not found other avenues in addition to the main road. You need to prepare the motor that is able to climb the steep incline and derivatives are accompanied by the streets have a cavity, if not then your motor will strike and forced should be encouraged. It is experienced by one of the BCI team when it went to the location, one of the team members are not powerful motor up the incline so it should be encouraged. Your journey has reached the point of safe if suda up in local markets. The market is actually the home selling a wide range of people and everyday needs of the surrounding communities. The home is considered a market because it is the only place selling (kiosk) that is closest to your location. If you happened to be supplies run out, in a market that's your only chance to increase supplies, because of the location of the village of Soi we'd be hard-pressed to find supplies. The condition of the damaged streets stretching since KM 2 of Matantimali village Soi. The streets are in fact already paved, but the weather conditions and the slope of the land makes the streets fast and slick. At the time of the rainy season, it is not recommended to travel by car, because it's often found the car broke down right in the damaged streets. The most convenient trip is recommended using a two-wheeled motor vehicles. In addition to more easily adapt to local streets, with two wheels you will feel a sensation of satisfaction drive through rugged terrain were treated with great views. You drive above the clouds, such as in the story of the land of the 1001 tales.

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