The Palu city has many pearls of educators who have been fighting to free a society is central Sulawesi from Illiteracy, both Al Quran as well as latin. Proponents of such education spread education through various means such as Da’wah, halaqah, pesantren and madrasah. Special education through the dissemination of the madrasa, the famous a character education in the hammer named Sayyid Idrus bin Salim AlJufrie, or famous as an OLD TEACHER. He was one of the scholars Hadramai who spread education since 1930 through the madrasa AlKhairaat. The old teacher is the founder of Islamic education workers in Central Sulawesi.

The persistence of Old Teachers in spreading education in Central Sulawesi can be seen from the success of the spread of the madrasa. In the past 30 years during his lifetime, was standing approximately 420 madrasa AlKhairaat. Truly a remarkable achievement, in the midst of intimidation the Government of Netherlands at that time, the old Teacher continues to struggle in the field of education for the sake of eradicating illiteracy and in order to improve the quality of life of the community Central Sulawesi.

The lights of the old Teacher caught the attention of researchers from different areas. Various studies have been conducted to examine the concept and practice of teacher education and the old AlKhairaat. Among the research:

Some writing about Al Khairaat:

  1. Majmoo ‘ Qashaid AlKhairaat, writer, founder of the s. Idrus bin Salim AlJufrie, writing in the form of verse-verse. The writings edited by Lahilote Sofyan (1980). This paper contains advice-advice addressed to his disciples (abna ‘ Alkhairaat) tertutama connected with the primacy of science, learning and teaching. Also disclosed downs build Alkhairaat to thrive in various corners, including an appeal to the community so that he pays attention to unity and unity in building institutions for the advancement of the community, the nation and the State.
  2. Sofyan b. Kambay Islamic College, Alkhairaat from time to time. This paper briefly describes how the community acceptance of the presence of Alkhairaat in the midst of them. Sofyan revealed was also briefly the history of the development of Alkhairaat and its action in the community.
  3. An old teacher of life and struggle, a writing in Abd. Kadir R.a. the contents of the adventures of Sayyid Salim bin Idrus Aljufri either when still in his home region, Southern Yemen, Hadramaut, nor when facing the English colonization of the imprealisme in the area, as well as his attitude facing the Dutch rule in Palu.
  4. Islam in the land of Kaili from Datokarama to Old Teachers written by Saggaf Pettalongi dkk., among other things explains the old Teacher in Kaili land in order to carry on the Mission of the Datokarama pioneered began the century XVII.
  5. Dissertation on the role of Alkhairaat in the socio-cultural changes of the Kaili society by Noor Sulaiman contains, among other things, the role of Alkhairaat in the socio-cultural changes of the Kaili community since it started its establishment until now with the advances that have been achieved as well as information that can be captured where the Alkhairaat had been making preparations ahead of anticipation, good education, dakwah, and other endeavors. Likewise books written Sofyan b. Kambay containing about College Alkhairaat from year to year, the pioneering Alkhairaat as well as the obstacles and challenges that are retrieved.
  6. The book is written with the Norm. Siame, the struggle of Sayyid Idrus in fostering the education of Islam, especially Islamic College Alkhairaat to build the people from underdevelopment of science especially religious studies through college Alkhairaat Institute. So is the book written by Abdullah Awad Abdun relating the origin of the founders of Alkhairaat, the excess, the pedigree and his descendants from the family of Ba’alawi, connected with Ali Ibn Abi Talib. Books written this can add insight into the author to know more detailed personal profile Syed Idrus bin Salim Aljufri, so that writing a dissertation is more freely reveal he thought conception of Islamic education.
  7. Hunafa journal 11, no. 2, December 2014 the HAMMER ALKHAIRAAT ENDOWMENTS, management of CENTRAL SULAWESI, (hammer, IAIN Hammer Press, 2014)
  8. PerguruanAlkhairaat From time to time, by Sufyan b. Kambay, who wrote about the Alkhairaat education system at the beginning of its establishment in the town of Palu in 1930. In this book, He states that the activities of the Alkhairaat that prioritizes Da’wah and education, then the education system that was implemented by means of active learning, where students can learn on their own and are given the freedom to choose what lessons that interest with the guidance of a teacher. These activities are directly handled by Syed Idrus bin Salim Aljufri as teachers and caregivers. Learning Group also carried out mainly at certain times. This is done because the teacher is limited while the pupils very much, this system implemented and running smoothly. In learning activities such as this have not enforced the schedule and curriculum learning in writing. Later, during the next, especially after the building of madrasah was established, it was only introduced to write the letters of the Koran, his system in the classic. According to Sofyan, in the results of his research, the education system embraced Alkhairaat is a mix of cottages, classical, and individuals who are still very simple systems.

The works are some of the many studies that examine about Old Teachers and AlKhairaat. Most of these works were published and some not published.

Thank You Old Teacher

May the Almighty God merahmatinya

Allahu yarhamhu

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