Today’s quote, “we will not be able to understand who we are if we didn’t know from where the origin of the US”.

Human history arose from early human development. Its rotates along with the rotation of the human life. The pas is forerunner of the current life. Understanding about our life today without understanding our history just like a blind man trying to understand a statue. He could feel every curve of my posture and contour of the sculpture, but he will not be able to understand the reason of each contour curve of the statue have been made. Understand the history becomes important because we can know the reason of events, maybe even the future.

I reminded of the phrase Edward Said, “turn to the past is the most common strategy to interpret the present”. It is also an expression of an England writer, Elliot, that said “the way we formulate or depicts the past form will produce our understanding and our views. This article will try to explore  the history of the land of Kaili.

Kaili is the largest tribe who inhabited mainland of Central Sulawesi. Kaili or To Kaili is tribal land of Central Sulawesi, commonly called the land of Kaili. In contrast with other tribes in Indonesia, the Kaili has many sub ethnics. They have a language fraction that is a bit different from each other. These sub ethnics of Kaili include: Kaili Ledo, Kaili Da’a, Kaili Tara, Kaili Ta’a, Kaili Unde, Kaili Ija, Kaili Inde, Kaili Doi, Kaili Edo, Kaili moma,  Kaili Edo, and kaili Ende. It is said that there are other more subethnic of Kaili, but we have not yet to do a further study.

The development of these society formed and influenced by the Government system that existed previously. Kaili on early period societies live in in groups. They occupied many areas and separated from each other. There has been no further study on this subject, but the number appears Chief (called Magau) provides strong evidence that they live in a few separate groups. We used the term Magau as chiefs and not King because we have not found yet anevidence of authentic existence of an empire in the land of Kaili. The second reason, if there is a kingdom, only major ethnic of kaili will held in the Kingdom, no other subethnic will exist. And Allah knows.

What’s interesting here, in genealogy, the Kaili comes from one source. They came from a single mother.

(to be continued)

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