Cooperation with The Journal of Paedagogia Institute of Islamic Islam Palu State

The development of knowledge occurs continuously along with the development of human life. The acceleration of information distribution occurred massively after the world of telecommunications entered the 4.0 era. Human life is moving in a better direction. Technological developments have a positive impact on the development of science. Yayasan Bumi Scholar of Science as one of the institutions engaged in social and educational fields also made improvements and improvements to participate in the spread of science. On March 30, 2022, yayasan Bumi Scholar of Sciences, through the Forum for Social and Educational Studies, collaborated with Paedagogia: Journal of Education, Faculty of Tarbiyah and (more…)

Refugee Camps Loli

A few days ago a small Earth Science Scholar team went to the village of Lolicon to channel aid. The assistance is a result of raising from donors in various places. The aid has been distributed in the form of decent clothes to wear, basic food and cash. Our small team was greeted with glee by the citizens shelter in the village of Loli. Although the amount of assistance is insufficient for all the refugees, but the distribution of the aid can be implemented well and without fuss. Loli village is one of the regions severely affected the Donggala Regency after September 28, 2018. The earthquake which struck with Hammers 7.4 scales led to devastating tsunami waves that ravaged the village of Lolicon and surrounding areas. 95% of the houses, the ground was devastated by the tsunami. only the mosque and three houses next to the mosque survived the raging tsunami, the rest run out dragged down the waves. (more…)

Education in the city of Palu

The Palu city has many pearls of educators who have been fighting to free a society is central Sulawesi from Illiteracy, both Al Quran as well as latin. Proponents of such education spread education through various means such as Da’wah, halaqah, pesantren and madrasah. Special education through the dissemination of the madrasa, the famous a character education in the hammer named Sayyid Idrus bin Salim AlJufrie, or famous as an OLD TEACHER. He was one of the scholars Hadramai who spread education since 1930 through the madrasa AlKhairaat. The old teacher is the founder of Islamic education workers in Central Sulawesi.


Website Creation Services

Internet world are familiar around us. We facilitated in various ways. The Internet currently utilized not only as a media development of science, but also commercial media, promotion, communication, cultural development, propagation and more. The Internet is becoming a necessity, which approached the subject matter, at this point. The success of the internet usage in accordance with the determined by the existence of a website/site/web. The website serves as a spokesperson for someone in conveying aspirasinya or channel his desire in the virtual world. A good website will attract many readers, who in the end mission or purpose desired by the owner of the website can be read by the reader. The website is keyword success communication in cyberspace. (more…)

Sufism Progressive

The study of Sufism were indeed exciting. There is logic-logic that leads to sobriety. Many idealitas, especially religion, was found inside. And, the most important benefit is the recharge or refresh the brain. Appears an epiphany, that there's another world inside. There is a corner and the other side that is often overlooked, i.e. the side ilahiyah in the form of the sweetness of the interaction with God.

Ilahiyah aspects of abandonment cause aridity. In the case of acute, causing the ice or the death of the heart. The direct effect which can be felt is the absence of heart in every step and action. The liver, as a place of divine nur, unable to accompany each moti (more…)

Research Action Class

Someone will quickly develop if he often muhasabah. Another term of the word it is evaluation. Maximum results in the evaluation of obtained from the analysis of the data is valid, accurate, and objective as possible regardless of the element of dishonesty. To achieve the degree, then needed a research. Results of the study will approach the whole picture a reality if using the methods, techniques, and taking the proper sampling. And, no less important, needs to be formulated so that the research objectives are created in the framework of the theory that leads a researcher achieved the desired results.

Research is not something incriminating, especially if only aims to develop potential. Not necessary a special formula to measure the validity and reliablitias of data. That (more…)

Autism is threatable

Children are not mini-adults in size. They keep the child, with all its flaws and its limitations. – John Amos Comenius.

Whether your child is Autistic? I'm sure your reflexes will say ' no '. Everyone definitely does not want his son called autism. Why? Because the term autistic is always dikonotasikan with mental retardation, physical ability and linguistic constraints in responding to a variety of stimulus from outside yourself. Clear picture we can see on the Bruce Willis entitled ' Mercury Rising '. In the movie Bruce Willis saved a child who suffers from autism, and try to adapt to it. Do autistic children like that? The answer is ' yes ', but not all autistic children is the same as depicted in the movie Mercury Rising.


The son of a King and a squirrel

Once there was a country ruled by a King who famously discerning and wise. The King has a very pet he liked, a cat and a squirrel. The Kings had a pair of children, men and women, which he cared about deeply. As evidence of a sense of shame and indifferent, he always uses her spare time to play with his children, including with cats and tupainya. A when the King, accompanied by several bodyguards, a walk around town. By using the batik, disguised as a commoner. So do sixth his guards, some dressed in batik and the rest overlook the t-shirt. Not seem the slightest signs of royalty in them. And, any running. (more…)